Please note that all session times are according to Novi, Michigan (USA) time (GMT -04:00)
12:30 - 12:45

Opening and Keynote by Daniel Stern

DVN, Daniel Stern, Chief Editor
Keynote - Safety…?

12:45 - 13:40

SESSION 1: Status of Safety Situation on the roads

Chaired by Daniel Stern

UMTRI, Michael Flannagan, Research Associate Professor Human Factors Division
Understanding how darkness affects crash risk: Direct comparisons between dark and light conditions

IIHS, Matthew Brumbelow, Regulator,
The results are in: a first look at the real-world effect of the IIHS headlight ratings

Mount Sinai-Icahn School of Medicine, John Bullough, Light & Health Research Center
Advances in Understanding the Safety Benefits of Adaptive Vehicle Lighting

13:40 - 15:30

SESSION 2: OEM contribution to safety improvement

Chaired by Daniel Stern

Audi, Michael Hamm, Manager Development Headlamps
Worldwide ADB experience with millions of cars

Volvo, Paul-Henri Matha, Technical Leader Exterior Lighting
Safety: how does Volvo handle exterior lighting when we speak about safety

GM, Michael Larsen, Exterior Lighting Technical Lead
The balance between seeing light and glare

Ford Motors, Luciani Lukacs, Global Core Exterior Lighting Supervisor
Challenges of implementing Exterior Lighting features to enhance safety in a global market

Jaguar Land Rover, Shammika Vickramasinghe, Group Leader & Domain Architect Body Engineering
Lighting and improving safety

15:30 - 16:00

Panel Discussion - How to Save Lives in Nighttime Driving

16:00 - 16:30


16:30 - 18:00

SESSION 3: Set Makers Technology Achievements to increase Safety

Chairman Michael Larsen

Marelli-AL, Ernst-Olaf Rosenhahn, Head of Lighting Innovation
How the Headlamp Rating HSPR will increase Nighttime Traffic Safety

Valeo, John Orisich, Manager, Advanced Development and Simulations
Safer Roads: Thanks to High Definition Lighting Experience

Varroc, Luc Brisson (R&D Dir.), Ralf Muenster (SiLC), and Joel Pazhayampallil (BlueSpace)
The Two Second Advantage: 4D Predictive Perception powered by FMCW Smart Headlamps for Enhanced Safety and Performance

Hella, Pavel Ondryska
Digital Light – A safer way to drive

Koito-NAL, Viren Merchant, Assistant General Manager - New Technology
Spread of ADB and Contribution to Safety

Q&A-Session 3



12:30 - 18:00

DVN US 2021 International Workshop Day 1

08:30 - 10:00

SESSION 4: Enhanced Safety by Driver Monitoring Systems

Chairman Philippe Aumont

Ansys, Sen ZHANG, Application Engineer
In-Cabin Sensing Systems and simulation with Ansys

Radiant Vision Systems, Matt Scholz, Automotive Business Leader
Measuring Near-Infrared Light Sources for Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

Grupo Antolin, Enrique Jiménez. B. D.
Electr., Benjamin Chevallier. NA Innov. Manager
Assisting Nighttime Driving with Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems

Xperi, Petronel Bigioi, CTO of Products
Next Generation Interior Sensing

Eyeris, Modar Alaoui, CEO
Sensor Fusion AI Enabled by Interior Scene Analysis & Modern Automotive AI Chips

Q&A-Session 4

10:00 - 10:30


10:30 - 12:30

SESSION 5: Regulations - Harmonisation of technical requirements for adaptive lighting systems - Introduction by Geoff Draper Presentations moderated by Bart Terburg

GTB, David Puglisi, Secretary of GRE IWG-SLR
Review of the Stage 2 GRE Simplification of the UN Regulations (GRE IWG SLR)- Update on GTB activities

Michael Piscitelli, Sapphire Technical Systems
How to assess real-world performance of adaptive systems?

Mount Sinai Icahn, John Bullough 
UMTRI, Michael Flannagan
Is a subjective assessment of real-world performance such a bad thing?

SMVIC, Ms. Wang Wei, Secretary of SAC/TC114/SC21
The Chinese approach to testing Adaptive Forward Lighting systems-Progress report from SAC/TC114/SC21

Varroc, Rainer Neumann, Chair of GTB Scientific Group (SVP) / Co-Chair of GTB Strategy Group
Summary of Experiences of following the practical test for ADB (assessment by an inspector on public roads) as defined in the UN Regulations

Panel Session, moderated by Bart Terburg
How to merge the needs of type approval, self-certification and other mandatory standards? - with the presenters and Wolfgang Huhn, Michael Larsen, Rainer Neumann.

12:30 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:30

SESSION 6: Light source innovation

Chairman Bart Potter, Valeo

Lumileds, Michel Zwanenburg, Regional VP NAFTA Automotive
Latest LED light source solutions driving enhanced safety for all

Samsung, Will Chung, Principal Engineer, Automotive LED Marketing
Infinite Possibilities of LED Integration for Safe Driving

ams Osram, Michael Godwin, NA Director, Visible LED Products
Enhancing Safety at Night by Visualizing the Unseen

Kyocera SLD Laser, Paul Rudy, SVP BD, CMO & Co-founder
LaserLight, the all-in-one proposition for Brightness,Styling,Sensing,Communication

TI, Brandon Seizer, Product Marketing Engineer
Improving vehicle visibility with dynamic projections

Q&A-Session 6

15:30 - 17:00

SESSION 7: Technology Enablers, SB

Chairman Laurent Meister

AML Systems, Ludovic Toulisse, R&D Director and Hassan Koulouh, Innovation Manager
High precision headlamp setting

Docter Optics, Hagen Schweitzer, Manager Optical Design
Precision Molded Glass Lenses with Application to Automotive HD-Pixel Light Systems

Covestro, Paul Platte, Senior Marketing Manager
Driving Ahead of the Curve: Visionary Monomaterial Headlamp Concept

LMT, Stephen Dahle, Board member and Sales Director, Dr. rer. Nat Thomas Reiners Chair GTB Task Force Vehicle Level Lighting Test Procedure
Vehicle Lighting Performance Assessment System (VELAS): On-Vehicle Headlamp Goniophotometry for C-NCAP

Q&A-Session 7


Workshop Closing

08:30 - 16:00

DVN US 2021 International Workshop Day 2